REAL Potential.


    Understanding needs and defining pathways, we differentiate and create sustainable competitive advantage, driving success.


    We achieve excellence by conceptualising, prototyping, and testing ideas; creating products, services and experiences that exceed our client’s expectations.


    Execution with precision, attention to detail, and a relentless focus on achieving outstanding results – at the core of everything we do.

We believe in an inclusive approach to design, where the sharing of knowledge and expertise, and the exchange of ideas is integral to the creative process.


Market Intelligence

We move with the trends, and through our market intelligence we forge transformative outcomes for our clients.

We partner upfront to focus on the economic imperatives to make an opportunity viable. We work with clients to support them through:

- Due Diligence and technical assessment
- Design feasibility, market testing and benchmarking
- Highest & Best Use Analysis
- Lead Consultancy and team assembly

Reid Campbell

Case Study Pro Invest & IHG Hotel Roll-out.

Reid Campbell Close

Pro Invest & IHG Hotel Roll-out. close

Reid Campbell worked closely with IHG (Intercontinental Hotels Group) to develop a kit-of-parts design for the Holliday Inn Express brand in Australia – one of the largest by hotel chains by volume globally. Adapting the global design standard to prove feasibility in the Australian Market, IHG was then successful in partnering with Pro-Invest Group to develop the Express brand across multiple assets across Australia and New Zealand for which Reid Campbell remained the key design partner. 8 assets with approximately 1,400 keys, 7,000sqm of commercial/retail space were delivered as part of a network across multiple metropolitan locations.

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Planning Intelligence

Our team develop scenarios for our clients to optimise planning outcomes through insight, preparedness and agility. In depth experience and understanding of the planning environment at all levels of government and authorities is essential to project success:

- Strategic Advice & Planning Pathways
- Stakeholder Engagement
- Place Making & Community
- Broad Scale Development Planning

Reid Campbell

Case Study Moorebank Intermodal Logistics Park

Reid Campbell Close

Moorebank Intermodal Logistics Park close

In 2006 Reid Campbell was engaged as lead master planning and architectural consultant for the project, with early concept inception required and planning strategy completely unmapped for the scale and immensity of the project and its unique nature. Working closely with multiple landowners and operators for more than a decade, Reid Campbell assisted stakeholders in navigating through complex planning pathways with all tiers of government – in particular the State Government as part of its combined employment lands growth and transport integration strategies. The project saw involvement from Local Councils, State agencies and departments, Federal offices and National Agencies. Through a staged State Government approval process, the circa 400 Ha pre cinct will include rail infrastructure connecting the site to the Southern Sydney Freight Line, an IMEX Terminal (port shuttle freight rail access direct to Port Botany), an Interstate Terminal (servicing interstate freight rail movements), approximately 1.2million square meters of net lettable building area for logistics industry and commercial occupants, as well as ancillary “Freight Village” precinct support facilities such as standalone offices, convenience retail, short stay accommodation, and maintenance.

Reid Campbell supported each application until 2021 when the project delivery element was sold, with ongoing engagement relevant to works pertaining to approvals attained in years prior.

The project has seen resolution through one of Australia’s most complex planning environments and at full capacity will support Australia’s future Supply Chain, population growth strategies, removing 3,000 heavy truck movements off Sydney’s roads each day and significantly reduce congestion. The precinct will also help to enable lower freight costs, reduce carbon emissions and deliver a range of community and environmental benefits.

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Design Intelligence

We design buildings and large-scale infrastructure that deliver enduring value for both owners and occupiers. We focus on creating ecosystems that align the human-centric needs of users with economic objectives of investors.

- Master Planning
- Architecture and Design Excellence
- Interior Design
- Multi-site / Roll-out Programs
- Environmentally Sustainable Design

Reid Campbell

Case Study Asics Oceania Australian Headquarters

Reid Campbell Close

Asics Oceania Australian Headquarters close

Upon Completion in 2019, the $54M Asics Corporation’s Oceania HQ at Sydney Business Park, a world-class, privately owned, master planned estate, set a new benchmark for the industry and was recognised in 2020 as the winner of the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s award for Best Industrial Development.

Situated in a prominent position at the front of the estate. The brief required a significant sized development be accommodated on the site. The site, however, presented a complex challenge for design, being bisected by an overhead infrastructure easement and site levels creating a number of constraints. Reid Campbell was entrusted by Sydney Business Park to design the project. The outcome saw a celebration of the site’s features, with a total building area of 30,500 m² spread across three buildings on the site.

This campus style development presented best practice standards with innovative design and place making being integral to design thinking. Generous external landscaping, a public retail offering and even a sports field allowed public activation of the site and cemented the development as a key contributor to the public realm of Sydney Business Park.

While the warehouse facility was designed to be a modern efficient hi-tech warehouse space, the offices and staff amenities were conceived with employee wellbeing as a primary driver. Design elements including a gym, breakout spaces, a Zen Garden, internal courtyards with traditional Japanese Cherry Blossoms amongst generous landscaping and other biophilic design elements contribute to the wellbeing of employees and visitors alike. The design elements have been proven to improve mental health and reduce absenteeism in employees.

The project succeeded in meeting the needs of all stakeholders, from developer, tenant, employees and the general public while being delivered on time and within commercial estimates.

The development stands as an exemplar for contemporary large format low rise workplace design.

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Information Intelligence

Technology is the primary catalyst for change in real assets linking quality with ongoing effective operations. We use and work with state-of-the-art technology and global asset rating tools, to be at the forefront of design solutions.

- Building Information Modelling (BIM)
- Asset Simulation & VR
- Automation & Robotics Integration
- Experience with ratings assessments (Green Star, NABERs, WELLS)

Reid Campbell

Case Study Moorebank Logistic Park

Reid Campbell Close

Moorebank Logistic Park close

As an integral part of the project team, Reid Campbell played a crucial role in facilitating the transformative initiatives implemented at Moorebank Logistics Park (MLP) through utilisation of its modelling capabilities and extensive Digital Reference Systems and BIM software. With other field experts, Reid Campbell engaged to assist in the development and execution strategies for the world's first fully automated intermodal terminal. The guidance and expertise ensured the successful implementation of state-of-the-art machinery, advanced software, low emission hybrid autonomous-shuttles, resulting in reduced energy consumption, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, enhanced safety, and improved productivity within the project precinct

Aligning itself with the highest sustainability goals, the MLP project team incorporated various measures to combat environmental challenges such as:

- Urban Heat Island effect - Landscaping, solar-minimizing building materials, large awnings, and bioretention structures like rain gardens were implemented, aiming to reduce temperatures on the site by up to 4 degrees Celsius compared to neighbouring developments.

- Urban Heat Island effect via scenario modelling – Up to 4 degrees Celsius decrease achieved compared to neighbouring developments.

- Construction Recycling – UItlisation of onsite crusher and locally sourced tunnel fill saw a  a remarkable 39% reduction in embodied energy and the abatement of 38,590 tCO2-e.

- Renewable Energy – Incorporation of solar photovoltaic systems with a capacity of 12MW is expected to cover over 70% of the site's energy requirements.

- Sustainability Data Capture – establishment of an online tool enabled the capture of data related to electricity consumption, fuel use, and materials during construction, allowing contractors to identify opportunities for sustainability improvements.

Moorebank Logistics Park serves as a compelling example of how cutting-edge technology, urban heat island reduction strategies, recycling practices, and renewable energy integration can establish a sustainable and efficient logistics precinct. MLP's collaboration with Reid Campbell showcases the successful implementation of their expertise in driving transformative initiatives and achieving sustainable outcomes via integration of technology.

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Asset Intelligence

Our end-to-end service approach to an asset’s lifecycle means that we can to help our clients extract the greatest value from their portfolios. Through programmatic partnerships we tailor solutions to both preserve and enhance value, create flexibility to meet market changes, and find efficiencies in cost and procurement across portfolios.

- Repositioning
- Refurbishment & Upgrade
- Portfolio Improvement Programs (PIP)
- Multi-site / Roll-out
- Whole-of-life Assessment

Reid Campbell

Case Study ALDI Roll-Out

Reid Campbell Close

ALDI Roll-Out close

When the German based ALDI Stores decided to launch its chain of discount grocery stores in Australia, it chose the expertise in Reid Campbell to become its partner, property advisors and project managers in the venture because of our range of services and proven track record in “multi-site delivery”. During its business establishment phase in Australia, ALDI’s staff worked out of Reid Campbell’s offices so that a truly collaborative and integrated team approach would ensure that ALDI’s business and operational objectives could be met within a very short period of time.

As Property Advisors we developed a site and building assessment format suitable to Australian conditions and established feasibility protocols, DA approvals protocols and delivery methodologies.

We worked closely with ALDI throughout the site selection and procurement process and undertook detailed feasibility studies of properties throughout metropolitan NSW and QLD.

ALDI’s “generic” European retailing design was adapted and enlarged to meet Australian needs and established a strong brand image for ALDI within the retail sector and consumers.The initial phase of the project was completed on time and within budget which allowed ALDI to begin its initial rollout of 13 stores throughout NSW on target by early 2001.

Our successful delivery of projects in NSW led to an ongoing partnership with ALDI as the company continued its rollout of 20 to 30 stores per year on the east coast of Australia.

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